New Drivers Face Curfew Scheme Which Could Ban Night Driving

Thu, 01 Aug 2019 09:09:00
New Drivers

New Drivers Face Curfew Scheme Which 

Could Ban Night Driving 

It has been announced in a recent report from the Department for Transport that they are considering introducing a potential ban on newly-qualified motorists driving at night.

Although this new regulation may come as a surprise to many new motorists, the conversation follows recent collision figures of newly-qualified drivers. On average, one in five newly-qualified motorists are involved in an accident within their first twelve months on the road.

To combat this increasing number of collisions, the graduated driving licence scheme would mean that motorist would be not only faced with a curfew, but also additional restrictions.

Other Potential Restrictions Newly-Qualified Drivers Could Face

Newly-qualified drivers could also face the following restrictions under the graduated licenses:
  •  Prevent new drivers from taking passengers under a certain age.
  • Reduced alcohol limit.

How Would This Implicate Newly-Qualified Drivers

Although this new concept is designed to help keep new motorists and others safe on the road, experts have expressed their concern. Currently, two-thirds of newly-qualified motorist are young individuals.

Young Drivers

Source: DFT

In response to the announcement, Ian McIntosh, chief executive of Red Driving School, argued that the scheme would disadvantage young people, hampering their employment prospects and social mobility.

“It will also affect support networks built around friends and families – particularly in rural areas where public transport options are limited,” he said.

“At a time where young drivers are already penalised through higher insurance premiums, the government should avoid action that further limits the opportunities offered by learning to drive.”

Currently, there are similar schemes in place in other countries to help improve the road safety of younger drivers. Countries include many EU countries and parts of Australia and Canada.

When Will The Scheme Be Enforced?

As it stands, the scheme is still in conversation stages. There are currently no further details on how the proposed system would work in practice, including the duration drivers would be classified as ‘newly-qualified’.


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