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Common MOT Fail Reasons

5 Most Common Reasons Cars Fail Their MOT

As we settle into the new decade, many of us are already starting to consider what’s on the calendar for the upcoming year. For all motorists, it’s the usual MOT, yearly service or perhaps some essential maintenance work that we’ve been putting off for a month or two.

But if you have your MOT rapidly approaching, you might be starting to think about whether your car is going to pass its test or not. If your keen to see your car pass with flying colours, let's take a look at the 5 most common reasons why cars end up failing their MOT in the first place!

Signalling & Lights

Did you know that just under 20% of vehicles that go for their MOT test fail due to an issue with their lights?

Whether this is a blown headlight or registration bulb, or the indicators not functioning as they should, a simple check before heading to the test centre could help you avoid a disappointing fail certificate!


With the harsh Winter months taking their toll on the roads here in the UK, the frequent emerging potholes can cause a multitude of issues for your vehicle. From a leaky shock absorber to a snapped spring, over 13% of failed MOT’s are caused by issues relating to the suspension.


As a motorist, we understand the importance of having safe brakes that are in good working order. But did you know that an alarming 10% of MOTs fail every year due to having issues with the braking system?

Listening out for any grinding or loud squeaking noises may indicate that your brake pads are running low.


Despite all the nifty safety mod-cons, your car isn’t fully safe unless the tyres carrying you from A to B are in tip-top condition. Continuously driving on poor tyres that aren’t fit for purpose is a disaster waiting to happen.

Ensure your tread on your tyres are free from bulges, cuts and that your tread is at least 1.6mm.


Being able to see where you are driving is a pretty essential aspect of driving safely on the road. However, an alarming number of motorists fail their MOT every year due to impaired visibility issues.

From cracks and chips in the driver's eye line to air fresheners and sat-navs obstructing the line of view, more than 7% of motorists fail their MOT due to these reasons.


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