How To Survive The Increase In Fuel Prices

Fri, 25 Mar 2022 12:27:00

If you’re a motorist then you’ll know how difficult the past few weeks have been as we’ve seen petrol and diesel prices increase rapidly and almost at a daily rate!

In some places, we saw prices reach up to £1.70 per litre for petrol and a whopping £1.80 for diesel.

Seeing this, the UK Government have recently stepped in and has confirmed it will cut fuel duty by 5p per litre as it aims to gain control over the increase in cost.

The changes came into effect last Wednesday at 6 pm and the reduction will last for 12 months.

So what can you do as a motorist to survive the increase in fuel prices? Even with the Government cutting the cost of fuel by 5p per litre.

The most obvious answer here is to consider switching to an electric car or at least a hybrid car where you make use of both petrol and electricity.

However, the cost of changing car (along with the rate of inflation and other costs in the UK going up) now might not be the best time to make that transition from your current car to a new electric or hybrid car.

But there are other ways in which you can at least, slow down the amount of petrol or diesel you consume.

  1. Change gear early and avoid revving your engine too much.

  2. Don’t slam on your brakes, instead gently press them to come to a stop.

  3. Make sure your tyres are fully pumped up.

  4. Remove any unnecessary weight from the car (boxes in the boot? Rubbish in your car? Consider a huge clearout).

  5. Try to stay in your highest gear wherever possible.

These are just some basic tips that should help reduce your fuel consumption. If you’re already doing one of these, that’s great, but doing all of these together will help reduce the number of times you need to fill up in a month.


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