6 Car Parts & Their Uses

Mon, 01 Oct 2018 09:16:00
When it comes to motoring many of us know that operating a car involves the correct fuel, oil and yearly maintenance. If your mechanical expertise does not extend much further than this, you have come to the right place. We have put together the 6 most common car parts and explain what they do.

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The car engine is the heart beat behind everything. Found within your engine bay, the car engine works by allowing fuel and air to filter into the engines cylinders. When the fuel and air feeds into the cylinders a small combustion takes place. The combustion causes a rapid expansion of gases in the form of heat which in turn creates the motion.


When you turn the ignition switch on, you are allowing a current to flow to the battery. The ignition system generates a high voltage and sends it directly to each sparkplug. This ignites the fuel-air mixture in the engines combustion chambers, causing the combustion with the engine.


Under your car you can find a metal container, which contains a series of sub-chambers inside. The muffler helps to reduce the overall engine noise.


The alternator is responsible for all the electrics within your car. The alternator turns a magnet which sits within a wired coil. This rotating movement of the drive belt get turned into electricity, which produces a voltage to charge the cars battery. The car battery is then able to power all the cars electrical components, such as headlights, brake lights and internal electrics.


The engine produces a lot of heat when it’s running, meaning that it needs a radiator to keep it at an optimum temperature. The radiator is located at the front of the car. It allows fresh air to run over and through all the radiator fins. The fins on the radiator are used to help absorb excess heat to ensure that car doesn’t overheat. Coolant is pumped through the engine block and into the radiator and picks up heat from the engine.


The cars transmission ensures that the correct amount of power and torque goes from the engine to the wheels. This allows you to drive within different gear ratios according to the speed of the road. To shift between gears your engine and transmission must disconnect temporarily. When you push the clutch in your engine is disconnecting from the transmission.


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