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Vauxhall Renames Yellow Corsa ‘Maddox Yellow’ in Support of Cotswold Pensioner

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 14:52:00

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Blamed for ruining one of Britain's most picturesque villages with his brightly coloured Vauxhall Corsa, 84-year-old Peter Maddox of Arlington Row, Cotswolds, has now been appointed his own colour by no other than Vauxhall themselves!

After multiple viral reports and posts slamming his choice of car colour, outraged vandals took it upon themselves to scratch the word 'move' onto the bonnet of his Corsa, as well as smashing both side and rear windows. However, since then, after hitting the headline with his story, Peter and his yellow Corsa have gone on to win the heart of the nation!

Earlier this month, a fleet of 100 yellow cars from all across the country joined forces and rallied through the heart of Maddox's hometown of Bibury Cotswolds, in a warming act of solidarity. It was the UK's 'Biggest Yellow Car Convoy' ever, with Vauxhall Motors even joining the event in their own 'Maddox Yellow' Corsas.

The Director of Communications at Vauxhall Motors, Mr.Denis Chick commented "When we heard Peter's story we were inspired by the way it captured the heart of the public. We wanted to show our support for Peter, which is why we're renaming our yellow shade to 'Maddox Yellow'. We will also be in the car convoy to show our support. It is for a great cause and no doubt a fun day for lovers of all yellow cars, including Vauxhall."

So there you have it, there's always a silver (yellow) lining!