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Airflow Meter Bosch 12671625

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  • Description

    Airflow meter (used) Bosch 0280218314 to fit following models; Astra K (2016-ON) - with engine codes B10XFL, D10XFL, B14XE, B14XFL, D14XFL, B14XFT, D14XFT, B16SHT, D16SHT petrol engine types; B14XNT, D14XNT natural gas engine types. Astra J (2015-2016) - with engine codes A16XHT, B16SHL, A16SHT, B16SHT petrol engine types. Cascada (2013-ON) - with engine codes A16XHT, A16SHT, B16SHT, D16SHT, B16SHL, D16SHL, D16SHJ petrol engine types Mokka (2013-ON) - with engine code B14XFT petrol engine types Zafira C Tourer (2015-ON) - with engine codes A16XHT, A16SHT, B16SHL, D16SHL, D16SHJ, B16SHT, D16SHT petrol engine types

    Part Number: 12671625

  • Compatible Vehicles

    • Astra J (2011–2015)
    • Zafira C (2014–2015)
    • Cascada (2013–2017)
    • Mokka (2013–2015)
    • Astra K (2016–2017)

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